BRUSH TRUCK - Our Brush Truck (mini pumper) is in need of repair. The cost for this is unknown at the current time. 

EXTRICATION EQUIPMENT - Our Extrication Equipment is older and in need of replacement. A new set of Extrication tools cost approximately $10,000 - $15,000.

COMMUNICATIONS EQUIPMENT - Many of the pagers and radios that the department has are in need of replacement. The older ones are no longer able to be repaired, so we must replace as money allows. A reliable Motorola Radio cost approximately $800. A reliable Motorola Pager cost approximately $400.

FIRE STATION - There are still projects around the fire station that we are working to complete. 

Why Donate To Us??

We cannot operate without support from our community. We are an organized 501-c3 department so all donations are a “tax deductible” contribution. Approximately 2/3 of our annual budget is from donations and fundraising efforts.  The remaining 1/3 of our budget comes from a county supplement. It is hard to call it a budget, because we only operate on what we collect!! The majority of our “budget” is spent on fuel cost and equipment purchase and repairs. 

Bethany-Salem VFD​